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Spring 2013

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5 Herbs for Health By Angela England Herbs and plants are known to enhance mood, improve health, and provide a valuable connection with nature. Here are some of my favorite herbs or plants to grow; they are either valuable for their health benefits, easy to grow, or both, and can be used in teas and added to your favorite recipes. Hopefully you'll see a familiar friend on this list, or be intrigued by a new potential favorite. LEmon bALm LAvEndER A familiar, popular, and fragrant herb with scented leaves and flowers, lavender is known to relieve anxiety. Hint: Lavender needs good drainage to grow well, so it performs well in container plantings. 8 Body Sense In addition to its invigorating, citrus scent, lemon balm has proven antianxiety effects. Lemon balm is easy to grow and has tiny, attractive flowers as well. Hint: Lemon balm tolerates lots of pruning, so don't be afraid to harvest and use it regularly. Just give it a little extra mulch and compost so it can continue growing lovely, fragrant leaves for you. mARJoRAm While typically thought of as a culinary herb, marjoram also has therapeutic benefits for pain relief and easing tension that often triggers tension headaches. In the garden, marjoram is a prolific herb that takes frequent pruning and harvesting. Hint: Marjoram prefers quick drainage, so grow it in a raised bed or container garden, or mix the soil with a portion of sand.

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