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WINTER | 2019

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12 Body Sense Fit Feet By Heath and Nicole Reed Here are a series of healing moves for the feet that rehab or prehab injuries, sustain a harmonious engagement with gravity, and promote multidimensionality of movement. We recommend this four-level progression of intensity to keep your feet fit. FOOT ROLL LOW OR NO-LOAD This simple and potent first-aid healing move for knee, ankle, and foot pain activates and coordinates the muscles of the lower extremity to recalibrate synergistic movement among these structures. • In a standing position, place one foot in front of the other as if you are about to take a step forward. • Balance most of your body weight onto your front foot. • Begin to peel the back foot off the ground, slowly moving as though you are taking a step forward. • Pause your movement at the toe tips just before your foot leaves the ground. Keep your middle toe in line with your heel as you roll from heel to toe tips. You may feel a gentle stretch in your toes. • Roll the back foot down. While keeping the vast majority of body weight on the front foot, repeat this gentle rocking forward and backward several times or until you feel an awakening and a shift in sensation in the back foot and lower limb. "The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art." Leonardo da Vinci

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