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WINTER | 2019

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6 Body Sense My assignment? Try something new—a massage or bodywork service I'd never received before. I contacted a therapist near my home to book a treatment I had never had: a body butter wrap and aromatherapy massage. COZY AND COCOONED My session started with a body butter wrap that was designed for hydration (others can be detox or slimming wraps). Since I chose to have an aromatherapy massage afterward, my massage therapist added scented oil to the body butter—which smelled amazing. The idea of the body butter wrap sounded so inviting when I scheduled it. And, although the wrap was ultimately very relaxing—and I would definitely schedule another one—I initially had a mini- anxiety attack and a mild case of claustrophobia. If you've not heard of a body wrap (sometimes called a body mask or body cocoon), envision yourself Body Butter to Bodywork Bliss My Massage Discovery By Lisa Bakewell 6 Body Sense slathered with oil and wrapped up like a burrito in plastic. And then, on top of the plastic, you're wrapped in a shiny metallic-looking space blanket. Finally, towels are added on top of the space blanket—with all the toppings tucked in nicely—to hold in the heat. The massage table, already warmed, is made warmer once you're wrapped, so the oil will "bake into" your skin. Sounds amazing, right? It was, but … My first concern was the heat. This caused anxiety because I don't like to be hot. And I have occasional hot flashes, so I was concerned the heat would be too much. Granted, I should have mentioned these concerns to my therapist right away, but I wasn't thinking—until I was left alone in the room. Yeah. I hadn't thought that through either. Being wrapped like a burrito (with my arms at my side and my feet together) and left alone in the room for 20–25 minutes—in the dark, with an herbal mask over my eyes—caused a little bit of a panic. For a second, I forgot that I could probably "escape" the wrap, if necessary.

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