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6 Body Sense Ergonomics, Stretching, and Mindful Self-Care By Cindy Williams 3 Ways to Triumph Over the Work-From- Home Slump While many have dreamed of having a job working from home, none expected to have it launched on them as it was at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as states begin reopening and businesses start unlocking their doors, many people are continuing to work from home. And many people are starting to feel the "slump." Any time change comes unexpectedly, we move forward as best we can, even if it's not perfect. In this time we're living in, healthy postural habits, exercise, mental and emotional resilience, and self-discipline might easily have found their way to the back burner. But new bad habits are the easiest to squash. To address some of these challenges, following are three ways you can continue your best self-care while working from home. SET UP A DESIGNATED WORK SPACE As appealing as they might look, the sofa and bed aren't optimal work spaces. Although the term laptop might lend itself to thinking it's OK to work from your lap, doing so is hard on your body. It's impossible to sit up straight and keep your spine, arms, and head properly aligned when your lap becomes your desk. This can result in neck, shoulder, low-back, and wrist pain. Following are some things to keep in mind when setting up your work space.

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