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10 Body Sense Shrug It Off If neck or shoulder pain nags you, or rounded shoulders has become your work-from-home posture, the rhomboids could be to blame. The rhomboids are comprised of two separate muscles—the rhomboid major and rhomboid minor. They are part of the shoulder girdle musculature and they serve as scapular stabilizers while also contributing to upper limb movement. They work with other muscles to stabilize the scapula on the rib cage during weight-bearing movements; pulling motions, such as rowing, are the result of the rhomboids and trapezius working together. The rhomboids are commonly underdeveloped and elongated. This can contribute to a rounded-shoulder posture and is commonly seen in people who work at computers or otherwise maintain forward-arm positions for long periods. When the scapula is held in a protracted and depressed position, the rhomboids elongate and the serratus anterior shortens. This creates muscle tension and decreased mobility in the shoulder Simple Shoulder Movements for a Healthier Upper Back By Christy Cael

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