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The side-lying position is a favorite go- to for massage therapists who work with pregnant clients. Working with the mother-to-be in this position allows access to all her back and posterior leg muscles while still being able to keep her belly supported and protected. But the side- lying position is not just for the pregnant client. There are lots of opportunities to give this massage position a try. For troubled shoulders, the side-lying position can give massage therapists a huge advantage. Instead of working the front of your shoulder and then having you fl ip so they can work the back of your shoulder, practitioners can balance the joint and tissues holistically, working from front to back in a fl uid movement. The same is true for the whole body—working with clients who are in a side-lying position gives the practitioner access to all the muscles that run along the sides of the body, some of which can be tricky to fi nd from the front or back. In the age of COVID-19, the side-lying position has also become extremely important in the massage therapy room. As more and more regulatory agencies require massage clients to wear face coverings during the duration of their appointment, many clients fi nd that lying face-down with a face mask on for any duration of time can prove uncomfortable or claustrophobic. The answer? Side- lying. This position allows your massage therapist or bodyworker to address all the same muscles they would if you were lying face- down, while you get to relax most comfortably with your mask on. There are lots of opportunities a side-lying approach can offer clients. At your next massage, talk to your practitioner about the side-lying position and whether it might be something benefi cial to incorporate into your session. Side-Lying A benefi cial massage position for everyone—your resource for all things bodywork 15

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