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SPRING | 2021

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4 Body Sense B O D Y T A L K 4 Body Sense Chronic Stress a Strong Risk Factor for Heart Attack There are so many reasons to eliminate stress in our lives, and the evidence keeps getting stronger. A study published in Scientific Reports reveals patients who suffered an acute myocardial infarction (AMI)—a heart attack—had elevated levels of cortisol (our primary stress hormone) in the month before the event. Researchers measured cortisol levels in hair samples from 174 men and women who had been admitted for AMI to cardiology clinics in Southeastern Sweden. They found that elevated cortisol levels were evident in both the men and women, showing chronic stress is a strong risk factor for heart attack. Read the full study. Tip: The Mayo Clinic recommends massage as one of the relaxation-based tools you can use to fight chronic stress.

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