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Page 15 of 16—your resource for all things bodywork 15 I went in for my fi rst facial about a month ago and the esthetician asked me to get undressed from the waist up. It felt a little weird to be that exposed for a face treatment. Is that normal? Yes. Everything about the situation is normal. It is normal for the esthetician to ask you to get undressed from the waist up for a facial treatment, but it is also normal for you to feel like this might be a little too exposing. What is the purpose of changing into that little white smock? While it is true that most of your facial treatments will be focused on the face, there are several complementary steps of a facial that include the neck and décolleté. For example, it's common to apply cleanser, exfoliants and chemical peels, masks, moisturizers, and serums to the entire area (not just the face)—especially if signifi cant signs of aging or acne are present. Your esthetician will also usually treat you to a relaxing massage around the neck, shoulders, décolleté, and even the upper back. Asking you to change into alternative dressings prevents excess product from getting onto your clothing and allows for proper delivery of these treatments. That said, if you would prefer to stay dressed in your regular clothes, it is absolutely OK. You don't have to explain yourself. Just let your esthetician know you would prefer not to change, and they will adjust your treatment as needed. They may explain they will need to leave out certain steps (e.g., massage, etc.), and you can simply inform them you understand but would like to proceed without getting changed. There is no need to go into detail, and this is not an uncommon request. Your esthetician will likely tuck a towel or two into the collar of your shirt to prevent water and products from touching your clothes, but then you are good to go for the rest of your treatment. Emily Morgan is a licensed esthetician in the states of Massachusetts and Colorado.

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