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EDITOR'S NOTE Body Sense LESLIE A . Y O UNG, EDIT O R - IN- CH IEF massage, bodywork & healthy living Published for ABMP members by Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. Body Sense magazine is published for the purpose of educating the general public about the benefits of massage and bodywork, along with additional well-being topics. The information contained in this magazine is not intended for the purpose of diagnosing or prescribing. Please consult your physician before undertaking any form of medical treatment and/or adopting any exercise program or dietary guidelines. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without specific written permission from ABMP. Publisher cannot be held responsible for content of advertisements. The information contained herein is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for a licensed health-care professional. Body Sense is published by Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals Inc., 25188 Genesee Trail Road, Suite 200, Golden, Colorado 80401. 800-458-2267. Volume #13, Issue #2, Summer 2013 © 2013 All rights reserved. staff Length of massage I choose … LESLIE A. YOUNG, Editor-in-Chief DARREN BUFORD, Managing Editor KARRIE OSBORN, Senior Editor JED HENEBERRY, Associate Editor "60 minutes." ANGIE PARRIS-RANEY, Advertising Manager HANNAH LEVY, Advertising Coordinator AMY KLEIN, Production and Design Manager JAMES SUTHERLIN, Associate Designer "90 minutes." Be Your Best It's taken me a few decades, but I've finally learned that taking care of myself is the best way to ensure I can take care of others. Striving to be at my best feels great, too! Those of us at Body Sense know that massage therapy is a wonderful way to meet our goals of living holistically. We have Body Sense Editor-in-Chief Leslie A. Young the advantage of hearing story after story about the healing, nurturing benefits of massage therapy and bodywork. These vignettes star a broad array of clients—from the tiniest to the aging, and the super-fit to the fragile. Whether individuals suffer from chronic pain, weekendwarrior stiffness, low self-esteem, or low-back pain, we learn how the myriad modalities help soothe bodies, minds, and spirits. So whether you consider your massage sessions pathways to relaxation and restoration, pain relievers for muscle soreness, or antidotes for stress relief, know that you're one of millions of Americans who know the importance of integrating healthy touch into your lifestyle. Let your massage therapist be your guide. Feel free to ask about your practitioner's skill set and the many ways he or she can help address your questions or concerns. We want you to be your best, and so does your therapist. How long is your ideal bodywork session?* 47% I need time for targeted work and pure relaxation 15% The standard is fine with me 34% Enough to relax, but I'm busy 4% I like frequent, brief sessions *Results from poll.

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