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TYPES OF CLOTHED MASSAGE hands and fingers instead of needles to stimulate each point. Of all the kinds of massage mentioned here, acupressure is the subtlest. Reflexology, a style of massage that aims to affect the whole body by touching only the hands and feet, is another widely available type of massage that can be received fully clothed. It is great for people who do not wish, or are unable, to receive touch on the rest of their body (for instance, due to burns, a rash, or modesty). Sports and deep-tissue massage may be given partially clothed—for instance, in a sleeveless shirt and shorts—if the session is focused on one area of the body, such as the calf or forearm. Oftentimes, you'll see massage tents set up at various sporting events, like bike races. Weary athletes will find their way to the massage tables after a day's ride, looking to have their aching muscles attended to through their clothing. Many of the techniques used in chair massage are adapted from shiatsu, a type of massage that originated in Japan and literally translates into "finger pressure." Like acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, shiatsu uses a system of energy meridians. Techniques used include brushing, compression, kneading, rocking, shaking, stretching, and, of course, thumb pressure, to stimulate the meridians. You do not have to be interested in, or knowledgeable about, meridian theory to feel the effects of a shiatsu massage; simply lie back and enjoy it as you would any other bodywork. Traditionally given on a mat on the floor, shiatsu has also been adapted to the table. While appropriate for relaxation and wellness, it also utilizes passive stretching. Tui na and Thai massage are two other types of Asian massage. Both use many of the same techniques as shiatsu to ease the recipient into a state of relaxation. The more gentle tui na is generally given on a table, while the more vigorous Thai massage is traditionally given on a floor mat, though it may be adapted to tables as well. Acupressure uses the same meridian system as acupuncture, but uses the practitioner's A GREAT WAY TO START One of the benefits of all types of clothed massage is … you get to remain clothed. If you have ever felt timid about undressing for a session, or have a friend, family member, or colleague who is hesitant to try massage for that reason, clothed massage Want Even More Options? With nearly 300 different types of massage and bodywork available to you, there is a spectrum of styles that offer clients the option to stay clothed. In addition to shiatsu, tui na, and others mentioned in this article, here are a few more: 6 Body Sense

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