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Spring | 2014

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Eastern Versus Western Reiki Mikao Usui's original reiki method differs greatly from the way it is practiced in the West today. "In Usui's time, the emphasis was very much on personal responsibility and commitment," says Reiki Master and instructor Ginny Mackles, who has practiced reiki for almost 30 years and has a direct lineage to its original teachers. "Reiki is first and foremost a self-healing and spiritual development method, though it is something that you can also use to help others." Traditional Usui reiki has the main goal of being used as a spiritual tool for one's own improvement and enlightenment. By contrast, the Western reiki tradition focuses mainly on the healing aspect of reiki. It also places more importance on hand symbols and has added the chakra system into the modality, a concept that originally came from India. 3

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