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Spring | 2014

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Body Sense 7 interacts with the physical body, as well as all living things collectively. This is the holistic aspect of reiki— the idea that the body is part of a greater whole. Simply put, using reiki for healing purposes, on one's self or on others, involves being a conduit to draw energy inward through one's body. The best technique for doing reiki is to visualize being rooted in the earth, while drawing light or heat in from the crown chakra on the top of the head. Reiki helps increase the flow of energy and addresses energetic blockages that may exist, which are of emotional, karmic, physical, or spiritual origins. THE POWER OF REIKI Those who come for a reiki treatment have their own personal needs and reasons for doing so, but the end result of a reiki treatment is almost always that people feel more centered, more comfortable, and have a greater sense of well-being. My reiki clients come weekly or biweekly for treatment. Their issues include daily challenges, emotional struggles, illness, and many others, but I am struck by the way almost all of them marvel at how much better they feel after a session. And I continue to be amazed and humbled by the healing power of reiki. It is a powerful gift for everyone's healing journey. B S Notes 1., "Usui Sensei 1865–1926," accessed March 2014, 2., "Glossary," accessed March 2014, 3. Holistic Reconnection, "Western vs Traditional Reiki," accessed March 2014, Lisanne Elkins has a private practice in Mount Kisco, New York. She has been practicing massage and reiki for almost 15 years and recently received her Reiki Mastership. She lives in Croton on Hudson, New York, with her partner and two daughters. She can be contacted at Kerry's Reiki Session This story illustrates the gentle, yet powerful, abilities of reiki, a Japanese energy healing method that can be used by anyone. Kerry climbs onto my massage table fully clothed and makes herself comfortable. The table is warm from a fleece-lined heating pad, the room is dimly lit by a Moroccan- style lamp, and the air is fragrant with essential oils. Calming Japanese flute music plays in the background. She has chosen to come for these weekly sessions as part of her decision to improve general self-care, relieve stress from a rather challenging job situation, and seek pain relief for her knee. Kerry falls more deeply into a state of relaxation as the session begins. I lay my hands gently on top of her head. I linger there for perhaps five minutes today (each time is different) until I feel it is the right time to move to her shoulders. It is in this way that Kerry and I connect in a healing energy session and we help Kerry's healing process wherever she may need it on that day. Sixty minutes later, the session ends, and Kerry arises from the table looking radiant, and feeling relaxed and grounded. The chronic pain in her knee has subsided, and she comments on the heat and vibration she feels throughout her body: "First, it is a tingling sensation, then the energy feels like it moves through me and opens up the flow in my entire body." Days later, Kerry recalls a sense of well-being that permeates her experiences in daily life. Resources International Association of Reiki Professionals: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine: The International Center for Reiki Training: The Reiki Alliance:

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