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SPRING | 2015

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Yes, You Need a Massage! By Brandon Twyford "… BUT MY BODY DOESN'T HURT" We automatically schedule routine maintenance for our cars, but all too often, we don't give our bodies the same consideration. Fail to get your oil changed or your tires rotated, and you can count on some major problems down the road. Similarly, when you fail to pay attention to your body and provide it with the care it deserves, you may very well run into health issues that could have been prevented. Think of it this way: vehicle maintenance (like oil changes and tire rotations) isn't something you do only when there's a problem—it's something you do to prevent problems from happening in the fi rst place. The same holds true with your body. Just because you don't currently have an injury or an urgent reason to receive bodywork Have you had your tires rotated recently? Been to the dentist for a cleaning? There are some appointments you don't think twice about making—they're just a part of life. It's time to think of massage as routine maintenance. Yes, You Need { {—your resource for all things bodywork 9

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