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1 2—your resource for all things bodywork 5 GENTLY DETOXIFY EXTREMES Many people associate spring-cleaning with this time of year. Metaphorically, the cleansing energy of spring provides a ripe opportunity to detoxify internally, too. In TCM, spring is associated with the liver (known as the great detoxifier), and we can harness this season's momentum right now to help cleanse our liver and entire body. Energetically, the liver meridian is expert at balancing extremes. Detoxification integrates most easily into healthy lifestyles by avoiding extreme measures, including punishing rules or rigid commands like "I have to" or "I should." When detoxing, we invite you to avoid "should-ing" yourself. Instead, gently incorporate harmonizing spring ingredients to consciously lighten up and shed the extremes of winter inertia and holiday binging. ADD LEMONS Lemons are cleansing to the body and help decongest and reduce accumulations in the liver. Consider drinking a warm glass of water with a squeeze of lemon when you wake up in the morning, or place a fresh lemon wedge in your water bottle throughout the day. According to TCM, the liver thrives when nourished with sour flavors, and introducing more lemon (or lime if you prefer) is a simple way to satiate this craving. Staying hydrated with lemon-infused water also adds more vitamin C to your diet and supports the digestive and immune systems. If you'd like to explore a more challenging yet gentle approach to detoxification, consider a healthy once-a-week liquid cleanse (see sidebar on page 6). According to TCM, allergies, irritability, muscular tension, and tension headaches—especially discomfort around the neck and shoulders—are all classic challenges to our springtime energies. Practice one or more of the following natural harmonizing remedies to lighten up your diet, calm your breath, balance emotional extremes, and claim sustained seasonal wellness. Our liver is the biggest detoxifying agent in our body. It detoxifies the harmful things we take in like alcohol and drugs. Without the liver, the body cannot process these substances.

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