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SUMMER | 2015

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Page 10 of 15—your resource for all things bodywork 11 Get to the Point 5 Healing Acupressure Points You Can Apply Yourself By Heath and Nicole Reed Your hands and feet are the switchboards to your system. According to the principles of acupressure, the human body has more than 200 pressure points. Practitioners of Chinese medicine utilize a variety of therapeutic tools and approaches to heal the body and mind. Some use acupuncture needles, moxibustion (burning healing herbs slightly above the skin over acupoints), cupping (using glass or plastic suction devices over acupoints and/or meridians), or the most natural approach: finger pressure applied directly on an acupoint. This is known as acupressure and may be performed by a massage therapist or bodyworker— or you can apply the technique yourself. Do-it-yourself acupressure is a safe and effective way to enhance your sense of well-being and stimulate your own self-healing. Here are five acupressure points that relieve muscle tension and aches, calm the nervous system, and promote the circulation of blood and qi (energy) to restore body-mind balance. You may hold these acupoints lightly or massage them with mild-to-firm pressure. Explore and harness your natural ability to improve your health and eliminate discomfort with do-it-yourself acupressure.

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