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Page 8 of 15—your resource for all things bodywork 9 There are some excellent bodywork modalities you can seek out to facilitate this kind of internal stirring and fluidity. Examples are: the Trager Method, which utilizes gentle, passive body movement to release deep physical, mental, and emotional patterns in the body while the client is clothed; Thai yoga massage, in which the client is also fully clothed and is moved in specific passive yoga asanas—or postures— in order to free up stagnate energy and blood/lymph flow along designated meridians in the body; or a brisk form of Swedish massage, where the client is disrobed and appropriately draped while the practitioner uses fast-paced strokes toward the heart in order to enhance the body's circulatory processes and induce warmth through friction of, and with, the tissues. As previously noted, inducing heat, movement, and circulation are all key factors in supporting the body's natural processes designed to keep us healthy, happy, and vital on all levels, especially in the colder months. EAT IT UP! Finally, one of the best ways to stay in alignment with our natural resources is to eat foods that are in season in the region we live. There is a reason why squash grows in certain climates and at certain times of year. Are strawberries growing in your yard in the winter? If you live in a cold-winter climate, likely not. So why eat them? As we live in our unique environments, be they four distinct seasons or two primary seasons with shorter transitions, your body adapts to its environment and will be best served by eating seasonally. Combine that with adequate hydration and sprinkling in some season-specific bodywork, and you are guaranteed vitality no matter how many hours the sun shines. B S Cindy Williams has served the massage profession as a practitioner, school administrator, instructor, curriculum developer, and mentor since 2000. She enjoys the challenge of blending structure with creative flow to provide balance in her classroom, bodywork practice, and life.

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