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SPRING | 2016

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12 Body Sense Mainstream culture teaches us to ignore pain. In the 1980s, actress Jane Fonda popularized this notion in her workout videos, as she urged her viewers to push through the pain with the immortal words "no pain, no gain." Additionally, there's evidence to suggest that Americans are conditioned to associate pain as the price to pay for achieving success. 1 Massage therapy, on the other hand, trains us to pay attention to pain. When we do, we have the opportunity to reduce, manage, or eliminate pain, and avoid injury and reach our health and wellness goals. GET TO KNOW YOUR PAIN Massage, by its very nature, is a gateway to body awareness. When your massage therapist presses on a ligament, muscle, or tendon, receptors are stimulated and you sense where you are being touched. Some areas may relax when pressed. Other areas may feel tender. In essence, when you're receiving a massage, you can't help but become body aware—unless you've fallen asleep (and it's not a crime if you do). Massage: Your Gateway to Body Awareness Less Pain, More Gain By Mark Liskey

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