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AUTUMN | 2016

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What is Fascia? The Miracle Beneath Our Skin By Karrie Osborn When we think of what lies underneath our skin, words like epidermis and dermis, muscle and bone, and blood vessels and nerves all come to mind. But what also lies beneath the skin—working small little miracles every second—is something called fascia. Ever heard of it? Your massage or bodywork therapist may have used this word during your sessions, but what is it exactly? FASCIA EXPLAINED In the simplest of terms, fascia is the stringy, fluid, gelatinous tissue that fills all the empty spaces between our cells. Its weblike nature envelops muscles and muscle fibers, and protectively surrounds internal organs from head to toe. That massage you just received was hard at work nurturing and soothing all those connections within the body. 12 Body Sense

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