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WINTER | 2016

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12 Body Sense Your Massage How to Perfect the Experience By Cath Cox, LMT Massage is a highly personal service, because each client's needs are unique. What one person loves, the next may not. Knowing what to ask prior to booking, being prepared for your appointment, and communicating with your therapist during the session improves the chances that you'll be happy with the massage you receive. BEFORE THE SESSION How Long Will It Last? Knowing how much treatment time you'll be getting is the first step to deciding what you want. Many 1-hour sessions are actually 50 minutes of hands-on massage time with 5 minutes before to discuss your expectations, priorities, and concerns, and 5 minutes after for you to get dressed and leave the room so the therapist can set up for their next appointment. If you're unsure how much massage time you're entitled to, call for verification. In many instances, sessions can be lengthened to accommodate more relaxation time or more focus on a particular area. What Are Your Goals? Once you know how much time you'll receive, determine your goals for the session. This attention to detail prior to booking is key to getting the experience you're looking for. • What is it you want from your massage? • Is your priority to zone out and relax, or to resolve pain? • Is it more important you receive a full-body massage or that the therapist address specific areas on your body that need more attention? • Are you open to energy work and more subtle forms of the healing arts, or do you prefer a more straightforward, traditional approach?

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