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WINTER | 2016

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What's Your Massage & Bodywork Style? Do you prefer hands-on or hands-off work? Hands- off work, thank you Want something energetically based for body/ mind/spirit? Want to improve posture and movement patterns? Hands-on work, please And I'm comfortable removing my clothing for treatment What type of pressure do you like? Interested in Eastern/Indian techniques? Want to melt like butter? Light touch, please Bring on the deep! Pregnant? Medium—not too light, not too deep Is this for a child? Are you elderly? Is this to complement cancer care? But I prefer my clothes remain on Start TRY REIKI TRY INFANT MASSAGE TRY DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE AYURVEDIC MASSAGE TRY SWEDISH MASSAGE TRY HOT STONE MASSAGE TRY GERIATRIC MASSAGE TRY SWEDISH MASSAGE, AND ASK FOR LIGHT WORK TRY ONCOLOGY MASSAGE TRY ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE * All techniques are not mutually exclusive. Many can be used in conjunction with one another. Also, several can be delivered to clothed or unclothed clients including geriatric, oncology, prenatal, and spor ts massage, among others. * Although not illustrated here, acupressure and aromatherapy can be combined with most modalities above. For more detailed definitions, visit Is this for or an YES YES YES YES NO NO NO NO NO Compiled by Darren Buford

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