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14 Body Sense A S K T H E E X P E R T S How many people are concerned about aging and want to look younger? Most of them! There are many treatments and products that can help in this endeavor, but a program involving professional treatments, structured home care, and lifestyle changes is essential. Here are a few suggestions: • Avoid deliberate sun exposure and tanning. • Apply sunscreen every day. • Do not smoke! • Wear topical antioxidants daily. • Use products that contain ceramides. • Apply a wearable daily alpha hydroxy product. Robert Chute is a massage therapist and the author of Do the Thing: The Last Stress Management Book You'll Ever Need. Mark Lees, PhD, MS, CIDESCO, is a skin care educator, product developer, therapist, and author. What should I do when I feel ticklish on the massage table? Some people are sensitive to particular techniques, which make them feel uncomfortable and want to giggle. If that happens, your therapist can use a broader stroke or deeper pressure so it doesn't tickle. In the unlikely event you're still way too ticklish with those variations, the therapist can skip that part of the body and concentrate on less sensitive areas. It's your massage, so you can request that certain areas be avoided. Simply tell your therapist about any sensitive or particularly ticklish areas of your body so they know your preferences. Q & A

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