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10 Body Sense Pro Tips for Receiving Bodywork STRAIGHTEN UP The majority of clients end up in some sort of diagonal position on the table after flipping over during a session, which means we have to move you around to get your body straight again (this move might be covertly disguised as a double-leg swaying-back- and-forth maneuver or a two- hands-under-the-shoulders lift-and-move technique). TIP After you turn, move both arms and legs out to the sides of the table. If you're crooked, one side of the table will be a lot closer to one hand, or foot, than the other. Accordingly modify your body position. This tip is really about helping us, too, so thank you in advance! SCOOCH UP Do you have a love- hate relationship with the face cradle and what it does to your sinuses, cheeks, and sometimes chin? TIP Scooch up your body on the table so your forehead is closer to the top of the cradle. Most clients are positioned too far down the table so their face isn't positioned properly in the cradle. 3 STEP THREE:

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