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Autumn 2012

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"Massage Can Do That?" What You Might Not Know About the Benefits of Bodywork By Rebecca Jones tonic for tired muscles or flagging spirits. But you may not know about some of the other amazing benefits of massage, especially when it's a regular regimen. It has a lot of positive payoffs you may never have thought about. Y MASSAGE CAN MAKE YOU A MORE PRODUCTIVE WORKER Researchers have found that massage tends to lower the body's production of cortisol, a stress hormone that suppresses the immune system. Block cortisol and the body's so- called "natural killer cells" are freer to attack any incoming germs before they can establish a beachhead in your body. Along with a health-saving regimen of hand washing and preventive care, regular massage can go a long way toward keeping you sniffle- free. And fewer colds mean fewer sick days, which means you can get more done. MASSAGE CAN MAKE YOU A BETTER AUTOMOBILE DRIVER Your driver's ed teacher was right: never, ever change lanes without looking both in the rearview mirror and physically looking over your shoulder. Yes, twist and turn that neck for safety's sake. Most rearview mirrors have a blind spot, and countless accidents occur every year when drivers unknowingly move into the path of another car. One study from the United Kingdom found that the number of ou know all about the relaxation benefits of massage—there's no better Body Sense 5

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