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Published for ABMP members by Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals. Body Sense magazine is published for the purpose of educating the general public about the benefits of massage and bodywork, along with additional well-being topics. The information contained in this magazine is not intended for the purpose of diagnosing or prescribing. Please consult your physician before under taking any form of medical treatment and/or adopting any exercise program or dietary guidelines. No par t of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without specific written permission from ABMP. Publisher cannot be held responsible for content of adver tisements. The information contained herein is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for a licensed health-care professional. Volume #19, Issue #3, Autumn 2017 © 2017 All rights reserved. Body Sense massage, bodywork & healthy living Presence The power of meditation lies in its central tenet: being present. Through monkey mind, through growing technology interruptions, through kids-this and work-that, being present. While being up for that task is ever- and increasingly challenging, one avenue to help us get there is … tada … massage! Bodywork's many modalities put you in tune with your body, and your practitioner is your body's guide. In this issue of Body Sense, massage therapist, yoga instructor, and author Cindy Williams writes about massage therapists' not- so secret skill—the long, broad, fluid, and gliding strokes known as effleurage ("Constant, Fluid Contact"). Practitioners use this stroke to remain connected to clients during the session and to ensure constant, uninterrupted touch. Author Amrit Rai writes about honoring the innate intuitive healing wisdom of our bodies ("Heeding Our Inner Healer"). She points out that your body is speaking to you at all times. Are you listening? I often hear clients describe massage as a chance to "bliss out," "tune out," "escape." But I'm here to tell you that massage and bodywork are also at the core of dialing into yourself. Therapeutic touch is key to feeling, to noticing, to being present. It may seem antithetical that something so relaxing can also help you become more aware of your body, but I see bodywork as the ultimate chance to know thyself. E D I T O R ' S N O T E D A R R E N B U F O R D , E D I T O R D A R R E N @ A B M P . C O M , @ D A R R E N B U F O R D Darren Buford, Editor Leslie A. Young, Contributing Editor Karrie Osborn, Senior Editor Brandon Twyford, Associate Editor Mary Barthelme Abel, Contributing Editor Tracy Donley, Advertising Manager Andrea Brown, Advertising Coordinator Amy Klein, Art Director James Sutherlin, Senior Designer Tamra McIlvain, Graphic Designer staff Body Sense Editor Darren Buford Suppose you had an hour to devote to something. Which one of the following options would you rather devote that hour to? Massage 68% vs. Facial 26% Massage 73% vs. Manicure 22% Massage 74% vs. Yoga 19% *Cour tesy Harstad Strategic Research, Inc., Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals 2 Body Sense

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