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AUTUMN | 2017

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Movement and body awareness offer great pathways to tap into our best physical selves. In her new book, Stack Your Bones (The Experiment, 2017), author and structural integration practitioner Ruthie Fraser offers 100 simple exercises anyone can use to heighten their movement and awareness of self. Following are three of our favorites. YOUR BODY IS A COLLECTION OF STACKED SEGMENTS In a concept made famous by Ida Rolf, creator of Rolfing/ structural integration, you can look at the body as a tower of boxes, segmented as a result of the various stressors, injuries, and dysfunctions each of those segments has experienced. Imagine the placement of those boxes when it comes to establishing the body's best, most efficient foundation. If the boxes all skew forward, it's hard to imagine a strong foundation or center of balance. If the top two boxes have forward alignment, they put a certain amount of pressure on the box that follows beneath as it attempts to maintain equilibrium (see "Your 30-Pound Head"). It's easy to see how this misalignment could play havoc with our bodies. This simple exercise asks you to merely stop, come into your spatial awareness, and hear what your body tells you. 3 Exercises to Increase Self-Awareness By Karrie Osborn 12 Body Sense

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