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Page 14 of 17—your resource for all things bodywork 15 SPRAY SUNSCREEN APPLICATION To safely and adequately use spray sunscreen, Wattenberg has the following recommendations. 1. Hold the nozzle close to your skin and spray generously. Most adults need at least 1 ounce of sunscreen—about enough to fill a shot glass—to fully cover the body. Since it can be difficult to determine how much spray sunscreen is enough, a good rule of thumb is to spray until your skin glistens. It's also important to remember that a typical 6-ounce bottle of spray sunscreen contains six applications. 2. Rub it in thoroughly. To ensure you didn't miss any spots and that you have an even layer of coverage, rub the sunscreen in after spraying. 3. Avoid inhaling spray sunscreen. Current US Food and Drug Administration regulations do not pertain to spray sunscreens, although the agency continues to evaluate these products to ensure safety and effectiveness. Do not inhale spray sunscreen, and never spray sunscreen around or near your face or mouth. Instead, spray the sunscreen on your hands first and then apply it to your face. 4. Avoid using spray sunscreen on windy days. These conditions make it more difficult to apply the sunscreen and easier to accidentally inhale it. 5. Never apply spray sunscreen near heat or open flame, or while smoking. Although sunscreen isn't usually flammable, it can be when used in aerosol form. Never spray it by a grill, candles, or other source of fire, and make sure it is thoroughly rubbed in and dry before approaching any open flames. "No matter what type of sunscreen you use, make sure you reapply it every two hours when outdoors or immediately after swimming or sweating," says Wattenberg. B S

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