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AUTUMN | 2021

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Page 5 of 16—your resource for all things bodywork 5 Neck Stretches To strengthen your neck muscles, here are a few Active Isolated Stretching protocols for you to try at home. Remember to hold these stretches no more than 2 seconds each to get the most benefit. Neck Flexion Standing tall and straight, tilt your head downward, with your chin going toward the chest while you exhale. Use one hand to slightly assist the stretch from the back of the head. Hold for 1–2 seconds, then return to the first position. You can also perform this stretch while sitting. You will feel this stretch down the back of your neck. Neck Extension Standing tall and straight, position your head between your shoulders, then gently tilt it back to the end of your range of motion. Use your fingers to push under the chin to assist in the neck extension if necessary. Hold for 1–2 seconds, then return to the first position. Work Those Sore Spots Between massage sessions, find ways to keep your neck and shoulders loose and pain-free. A favorite tool of massage therapists to work on themselves is a cane-like tool that can hit all the spots normal massage tools can't.

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